Raising early-stage capital in 2023 & beyond: eBook by True Altitude

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True Altitude is a global investment & advisory firm helping early-stage founders raise capital, scale strategically, and connect with the right investors.

💸 To date, we invested in 43 startups and raised $625M+ in capital for our clients in total.


Over the past 7 months, our team spoke to over 400+ VCs globally to collate our data, supporting it with extensive market research and own experiences as operators, investors, and advisors. The outcome of our work is a collection of 32+ lessons to help you become most investible and get your cheque in sooner.

💰 This eBook is aimed at founders raising capital to help them speed up this process with:

  • actionable advice on what VCs are looking for,
  • step-by-step strategy playbooks,
  • checklist and toolkits to get investment-ready,
  • worked examples we've seen in real life,
  • most common mistakes to avoid & best practices to implement.

Example topics inside include:

Page 29: Investor outreach & follow up cold email template

📕 Topics include:

  • 2023 investment trends and what VCs are looking for;
  • What impacts VC's decisions internally;
  • Data Room checklist and Pitch Decks 101;
  • How do investors analyze Pitch Decks & most common mistakes to avoid;
  • Investor follow-up strategy, Investor Types, Cap Table considerations;
  • What SaaS metrics do VCs look for (e.g. what's a good and really good CAC Payback period? LTV:CAC ratio?);
  • Reasons to tranche your investment and not to;
  • and more…

+RESOURCES: investor lists and databases, investor targeting platform, and more. 💡

Page 33: Timing your growth with raises playbook

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Raising early-stage capital in 2023 & beyond: eBook by True Altitude

8 ratings
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